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The Impact Revolution is a worldwide movement of people committed to making a more significant, meaningful, lasting and satisfying difference: at work; at home and; in the community.  It comprises ... more

Impact Revolution Techniques

The Impact Revolution techniques are simple diagnostic and intervention frameworks for accelerating human mastery. (Mastery is a superior ability to diagnose and intervene earlier and more effectively, effortlessly, ...more

Impact Revolution Groups

Impact Revolution Groups comprise like-minded people who share a burning desire to make a bigger difference. They meet fortnightly and follow a simple session format designed to diagnose and ... more

The Impact Revolution for Life

You can apply The Impact Revolution techniques and frameworks to every aspect of your life: work, career, family, relationships, sport and hobbies - any area in which you want to have more impact or ...  more

The Impact Revolution at Work

You can apply The Impact Revolution techniques and frameworks to your role, workload, challenges and career (with immediate effect), start an unofficial or pilot Impact Revolution Group or, if you're ...  more

The Impact Revolution for Organisations

The primary constraint on organisational performance is neither the global economic climate nor local market conditions and competition, but individual and collective ... more
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