About The Impact Revolution

The Impact Revolution is a worldwide movement of people, groups, organisations and communities committed to making a more significant, meaningful, lasting and satisfying difference: at work; at home and; in the community.

It comprises:

  1. The deliberate use, enhancement and extension of a set of simple, extremely powerful techniques for deliberately and systematically improving human impact.
  2. Regular small-group collaboration and support sessions, following a simple flexible format that soon becomes natural and part of their every day practice and interaction.
If you want to have a greater and more lasting impact, join the Revolution today and start making a bigger and more meaningful difference immediately: today.

The Impact Revolution website

This website (currently in beta form) is and will be the primary resource for the seed techniques and frameworks and will remain the official site for them into the future.  It comprises information, techniques, tools and collaboration forums - public and private.  It will provide people who have insights, techniques and tools for accelerating impact with a vehicle for disseminating them - both for free or commercially.

More information inside, once you're a member – its free to join.  Join now


The Impact Revolution concept is the brain-child of Gary Bartlett of Prodsol (www.prodsol.com) and has it's foundations in systems science (using the leverage points of complex systems and situations) and cognitive science (using the leverage points of human behaviour).  It is the culmination of 20 years of deliberate evolution of a self-correcting, self-enhancing and self-perpetuating ingenuity framework.


The Impact Revolution is the tip of the iceberg: it is only one part of a broader initiative, which we call the Ingenuity Revolution.  The Ingenuity Revolution is different from the Rennaisance, the Industrial Revolution, the Information Revolution and the Knowledge Economy, because it is more than a global transformation of consciousness.  It is something that everyone can and will participate in and collaborate on to shape the destiny of our civilisation.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep in the loop.

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