Impact Revolution for Organisations

The primary constraint on organisational performance is neither the global economic climate nor local market conditions and competition, but individual and collective capability in overcoming and capitalising on them.

The Impact Revolution accelerates individual and organisational mastery, by aligning individual desires for impact and organisational objectives for performance synergistically - accelerating transformation and ingenuity dramatically in the process.

It enables organisations to solve the ludicrous problem of people yearning to make a bigger difference, but strenuously resisting change programs and change programs failing to transform organisations made up of people yearning to make a bigger and more meaningful difference.

Fortnightly Impact Revolution Group Meeting approaches easily segue into best-practice meetings, which soon become the way people think and do things within the organisation.

If you start with a restricted-access pilot, a pull-system for change will quickly become established and, if you manage it well, the pull-system will grow and accelerate into a revolution.  What's not to embrace about a programme that enables me to enhance my impact and capability - on lower effort - and accelerates organisational performance and customer satisfaction at the same time?

Register for more details and advice on how to start an Impact Revolution within your organisation - today.  Registration is free and provides access to simple, high-leverage things you can do to start and guide the revolution, whether you're: the head of your organisation; a senior executive or manager; heading upwards or; merely wanting to make a bigger diffference.

Inexpensive commercial support services are available, if required.  They're currently delivered through Prodsol - but will soon to be offered more broadly.  Refer your favorite provider to this site and be amazed at the improvement in their impact.

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